Telegram tracking app

Telegram is a popular messaging app which focuses on security and speed. It is well-known worldwide and many teenagers and kids as well as employees use this app widely. The desktop version of this app can also be used on PCs. If you wish to track telegram on your kids' or employees' phone or computer devices, Underspy is your best solution.

How to track

Do you ever worry that your employees are spending too much time on messaging apps such as Telegram and they are always distracted? Do you want to protect your kids on the internet and monitor all their sent and received messages? All you need to do is to make the right choice and subscribe to Underspy.

  • Choose a subscription plan which fits you and make the purchase
  • Download and install Underspy on your target device
  • Start anonymous monitoring directly from your personal Control Panel

Telegram tracking in detail

Your kids might spend the majority of their time on messaging apps such as Telegram and as a parent; you might worry about their safety. Underspy Telegram spy allows you to view all the sent and received messages even the secret ones. Telegram messaging app is very popular especially for the feature of Secret Chat. Secret chats are self-destructing messages that don't allow forwarding. Underspy provides you with every detail of the secret chats. Apart from the chats, you can view the date and time of all sent and received messages, documents, and media files.

Underspy also allows you to view the contacts on your target device's telegram. In this way you can easily and anonymously find out who your kids talk to or go out with.

The desktop version of Telegram can be installed on PCs. Underspy provides you with solutions for desktop messaging apps as well. You only need to install Underspy Telegram tracker on the target PC and start monitoring all the activities on that PC's telegram account.

You can start protecting and monitoring right now. Just login to Underspy official website and take a few simple steps of purchase, installation, and monitoring.

Start Tracking in Three Simple Steps!

If you want to start tracking your children’s or employees’ smartphone-all you need to do is to take these three simple steps

Buy and download the app

Choose a plan and make the purchase then download Underspy application.


Install Underspy on your target device (it will hide after the installation)


Login to your Control Panel to monitor all the activities on your target device

Why don’t you give it a try?

Buy, install and start monitoring

Tracking Calls, SMS, locations and social medias such as WhatsApp
Easy installation and user-friendly control panel
Compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows PC
free online support
Many other features providing an enjoyable monitoring experience