Skype tracking app

Skype is a widely-used application that allows its users to chat with and call friends and families. Since it provides users with free online video calls, it is also a preferred app for business purposes. The service that Skype provides is reliable and secure, but our advanced software allows you to even spy on Skype. Using Underspy Skype tracker, you can easily monitor your employees’ and children’s activities on Skype.

How to track

Skype, which is a communication software, is widely-used on PCs as well as cell phones. People use Skype to call and send messages to their friends and relatives around the world. Using Skype among business partners is also very common. Do you wish to crack Skype and monitor every single activity on it? All you need to do is to visit our Underspy official website, make the purchase, download and install it on the target device (installation process takes only a few minutes), and login to your Control Panel to start monitoring.

Skype tracking in detail

Skype is a very advanced and popular service which allows its users to communicate with anyone all around the world. It is absolutely reliable and safe. So, the question is “how to spy on Skype”. In fact, there are several ways to track Skype, but the best and easiest one is to use UnderspySkype spy.

Underspy provides you with information such as:

All messages on Skype: Do you feel that your child is hiding something from you? Have you ever worried that your child might be using Skype inappropriately? Our useful Skype tracking feature allows you to spy on your kids and employees with Skype without getting revealed. All you need to do is to download and install software on your target device and monitor every single activity on their Skype accounts.

All call logs on Skype: Do you wish to find out information about time, date, and duration of the phone calls on Skype? You can make this possible by using Underspy. Underspy is the new generation of spy softwares which is created to eliminate the impossibilities. All you need to do is to install the program on your target device and monitor their Skype call date, time, duration, and browsing history.

Start Tracking in Three Simple Steps!

If you want to start tracking your children’s or employees’ smartphone-all you need to do is to take these three simple steps

Buy and download the app

Choose a plan and make the purchase then download Underspy application.


Install Underspy on your target device (it will hide after the installation)


Login to your Control Panel to monitor all the activities on your target device

Why don’t you give it a try?

Buy, install and start monitoring

Tracking Calls, SMS, locations and social medias such as WhatsApp
Easy installation and user-friendly control panel
Compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows PC
free online support
Many other features providing an enjoyable monitoring experience