Keyword based Alerts

Underspy allows you to define specific keywords or phrases so that you will be notified when your child or employee types in the keyword in their web address, text messages, or elsewhere. When you set up Underspy for the first time, no keywords are specified and you need to define words/phrases for Underspy to scan.

You can easily:

  • Be alerted when a specific word or phrase is typed in.
  • View the content containing the specified word or phrase.
  • Access all these in your Control Panel.

Why will you need this feature?

Nowadays, kids spend a great deal of their time online and it always creates worries for parents about how to safeguard children in an environment where they are exposed to different types of inappropriate content. Underspy allows you to keep a watchful eye without your children even knowing. If you feel that receiving or sending a specific type of information may bring harm to your kids or to your business, this feature allows you to stop trouble before it happens.

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