Frequently Asked Questions

In this part you can find the answer to your questions which have been asked before by our users.

What is Underspy?

Underspy is a powerful monitoring software package designed for smart phones as well as computers. The aim of this software is to help parents safeguard their kids from the potential risks of the virtual world and assist employers to maximize efficiency during working hours. Once installed, it enables users to monitor calls, text messages, GPS location, instant messengers and lots of other information provided to be fit for users’ needs. Underspy collects the data from target device and sends it to the user’s control panel which is created before the purchase and is accessible from any device and browser. Android 4 and higher rooted/not rooted and higher platforms are supported by Underspy.

free customer support, user-friendly software and panel, affordable prices, and a variety of subscription plans to choose from are all among the options that creates a desirable experience for our users.

How does Underspy work?

In a nutshell, Underspy collects the information from the device on which it is installed and sends it to user’s control panel.

To start using Underspy:

  • Check the compatibility of the device you want to monitor.
  • Sign up in the website to create an account
  • Choose a plan and purchase a subscription
  • Download the application from your Control Panel and install it on your target device
  • Start remote and anonymous monitoring from your Control Panel

For installing Underspy, you need to have full physical and authorized access to the target device and you’ll need to confirm your intention to use this software legally, which means you install Underspy on a device which its owner agrees to be monitored.

Does Underspy work worldwide?

Our software is compatible with all service providers and works regardless of the location. Bear in mind that Underspy requires internet connection to send data from the device to your Control Panel, so it is necessary that mobile data or Wi-Fi be turned on.

What devices are supported by Underspy?

Underpy is compatible with Android 4 and higher rooted/not rooted.

Is Underspy icon displayed on the monitored device?

When the installation process is finished, Underspy starts working in the background and in hidden mode. No sign of the application will appear on the target phone and you can be sure that your target person will never find out.

Is it legal to use Underspy?

This software is designed to be used by parents to keep their children safe and by employers to maintain productivity during working hours. It is absolutely legal if the following intention requirements are met:

  • You want to install Underspy on your underage children’s device
  • You want to install Underspy on your employees’ devices and they are aware of being monitored

Having proper authorization to monitor the device is determined by the users and Underspy has no responsibility with this regard.

Can I install Underspy remotely?

Android devices

In order to install Underspy on your target phone, you will need to have direct physical access to the target phone. It will take less than 5 minutes to install Underspy.

iPhone and iPad devices

Underspy can be installed remotely using iCloud credentials. Make sure it backs up on a regular basis (every 24 hours). Access to the target device may become necessary if iCloud backup isn’t activated on the device

How do I install Underspy?

In order to install Underspy, the first thing you need to do is to create an account and purchase a subscription. Then you can download the application directly from the control panel. There is a tutorial video which guides you through the installation process.

Where can I check data from the monitored device?

The information will be automatically displayed in the Control Panel of your personal account once Underspy is installed on the target device and is connected to our server. Your personal account can be accessed from any browser.

What payment methods are available for purchasing Underspy?

We accept the major payment methods available around the world. Payment options may vary depending on your country of residence. Select your preferred payment method once you proceed to Checkout.

What happens after the purchase?

As soon as the payment is approved, you will be able to navigate to the download section and start installing it on your target device.

How can I get a refund?

You may be eligible to receive a full refund within 7 days after your purchase as long as refund reasons do not contradict our Refund Policy conditions.

How often does Underspy information get updated?

For Android devices, data is updated to your control panel instantly in case there is an internet connection. Instant messengers such as Telegram, Instagram, imo and Hike are updated every one hour. In case there is no internet connection on the target phone, the data will be stored and it will be uploaded to your control panel as soon the device goeas online. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours to receive all updates especially if the phone constantly uses 3G/4G connection which is not very stable and always depends on signal strength.

If you use Underspy on iPhone devices, you receive information within 24 hours after the latest back up has been done. Backups can reach up to few gigabytes and it depends on Wi-Fi connection quality.

Why does the monitored device require Internet connection?

Internet connection is necessary for Underspy to send information from the monitored device to your Control Panel. It uses both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G Internet connections.

Can I monitor two or more devices?

You can monitor as many phones as you want but you need to purchase a subscription for each device. You can change target device free of charge during all subscription period as many times as you wish. Contact the support team if you would like to change a device.

My monitored device is an iPhone. Do I really need to jailbreak it to be able to install Underspy?

Underspy does not require jailbreak in order to monitor iPhone devices.

How can I detect monitoring software on my smartphone or tablet?

Underspy is completely legal software and all our customers are obliged to accept the legal terms while using this software. Users are allowed to install Undersy on their own device, their underage children, or the device which its owner agrees to be monitored. If you notice any illegal usage of the software, please inform us immediately!

What is rooting? Do I need to root Android device to use Underspy? Does Android rooting void warranty?

Rooting is the process of allowing users of smart phones and tablets running the Android operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) within the Android subsystem. While the rooting procedure voids device’s warranty, it is completely reversible. Most Underspy features do not require root access. You will only need to root your target phone if you want to have full control over instant messengers.

Can you help me track the phone by its number? Is it possible to find the lost device?

Underspy starts receiving and sending data only after being installed on the target device. We do not provide monitoring by the phone number, you need to access the device and install the application on it first. Also, Underspy can help you track a lost phone in case this app has been previously installed on the phone.

What if I need technical support?

We offer different levels of Underspy technical support:

  • Free service for users: e-mail support, live chat assistance.
  • Phone Support – personalized customer assistance in addition to the standard Underspy support.