Employee monitoring app

Do you ever wonder that how your employees are spending their time at the workplace? In full detail, Underspy will show you how they are using the computer and the internet. Underspy allows you to effectively detect, respond, prevent, review, and monitor every single employee activity on company PCs and mobile phones or tablets to reduce risks of confidential data loss. Underspy enables you to see exactly how employees are spending their valuable working hours which make it possible to easily eliminate all unwanted behaviors and time-wasting activities.

How to track and monitor employees

If you are a company manager or business owner you might be well aware of the difficulties in managing your business's cell phones and computers. But how is it possible to monitor all activities remotely and not by putting too much effort and time?

Underspy employee monitoring feature provides you with a detailed report of every activity on the device on which Underspy has been installed. Invest in this advanced monitoring software to maximize productivity and minimize risks to your business.

Employee monitoring in detail

Underspy can enhance your overall business operation in a number of ways:

Increase productivity

You will always be aware of how your employees are spending their time and avoid unwanted behaviors to maximize their productivity.

Secure company data

Underspy allows you to ensure the security of your company confidential data. You can always prevent data leakage and detect inside threats to your business.

Content filtering

Do you think that your employees are spending too much time on Facebook or Twitter? Do you want to block specific contents and keywords? It can be all easily done by Underspy.

Underspy records everything and your employees' activities on their devices when you are away is no longer a secret for you. You can access:

  1. Typed keywords
  2. Visited websites
  3. Application usage
  4. File and document usage
  5. Email activities
  6. Total active/idle time
  7. Chat conversations
  8. All uploads and downloads
  9. And many more features designed to meet your needs

Start Tracking in Three Simple Steps!

If you want to start tracking your children’s or employees’ smartphone-all you need to do is to take these three simple steps

Buy and download the app

Choose a plan and make the purchase then download Underspy application.


Install Underspy on your target device (it will hide after the installation)


Login to your Control Panel to monitor all the activities on your target device

Why don’t you give it a try?

Buy, install and start monitoring

Tracking Calls, SMS, locations and social medias such as WhatsApp
Easy installation and user-friendly control panel
Compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows PC
free online support
Many other features providing an enjoyable monitoring experience