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The most professional monitoring app for kids, employees, etc.

Reports on social media networks such as, Facebook, Instagram, LINE, etc.

  • Monitor instant messengers such as, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Line, Kik, Telegram, Skype, WeChat, Tinder, Imo, Hike, KakaoTalk, Yahoo messenger, Hangouts, etc.
  • Record calls and environment sounds along with monitoring phone gallery
  • Access and monitor visited websites
  • Instant GPS tracking and location monitoring for kids and the elderly
  • Manage and monitor Contacts, Calls, Messages, etc.
  • And lots of other monitoring features tailored for your needs.
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  1. 5

    Pabitra khadka

    Hi !
    I have got the new sim before 2 weeks . Now I have installed the imo but old user of this number also using the same account. Now old phone number owner is using and send the msg to others so what can I do suggest me . Thanks

    1. 5.1


      You should have deleted your account before giving your sim to others. Maybe it’s good to ask the owner to delete your stuffs.

  2. 4



    My mobile phone number attached to an IMO account has been recycled by telecom operator. Now new phone number owner is logging to my IMO account and sending messages to others. I really appreciate your prompt attempt on this matter.
    My previous phone number is +94716698533

    Looking farward for your response


    1. 4.1


      As for imo app, you can’t do anything about it to fix this. I think you should contact your operator support.

  3. 3


    If imo account was hacked and as precaution I deleted it and disabled the SIM card. Can the hacker still use my IMO account and reach my contacts

    1. 3.1


      Hi, if you deleted it, there is no way that the hacker can access it.

  4. 2


    I have a friend whom i had a misunderstanding. I sent him a message in imo but the only thing i could see when i sent the message was a one blue tick mark. Then i tried to call him. It showed in the screen “YOUR BUDDY IS NOT LOGGED IN TO IMO” STANDARD RATES MAY APPLY. I wonder if that guy blocked me in imo. But, if he did block me, why did i still see him online and i could see his last seen as well? Why is that so?

    1. 2.1


      Maybe your friend is not using imo anymore and removed the app from his phone!

  5. 1


    Can I know who had seen my shared stories on imo.?!! And if yes, how can I do that.?!!


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