View Photos


Underspy allows you to see what images are downloaded on the target device. You can also see all the taken photos on the device As well as all the photos received via email and MMS. Also, the security screenshot feature allows you to receive an screenshot whenever an incorrect password is typed on the device.

You can easily:

  • Browse all pictures downloaded on the monitored device.
  • See when each photo was taken.
  • Receive a screenshot whenever an incorrect password is typed
  • Access all the information directly from your Control Panel

Why will you need this feature?

Do you feel worried about how your daughter is using her smartphone camera? Do you suspect your employee is taking pictures of confidential information and sending it to competitors? Underspy photo monitoring feature will put an end to all such worries.

Also, incase your target device is lost or stolen, the security screenshot features allows to get notified in case someone tries to login to your accounts on that device.

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