Android tracking and monitoring app

If you wish to protect your children from negative influences of the virtual world, Underspy provides you with the advanced spy software. This software, which allows you to access information on your target device, is compatible with Android version 4+. Our modern Android tracker app provides you with a flawless monitoring experience.

How to track and monitor

Do you want to have full anonymous control over your children and employees on the internet? Underspy allows you to access all the information on a target Android device by taking a few simple steps:

  • Choose a subscription plan which fits you and make the purchase
  • Download and install Underspy on your target device
  • Start anonymous monitoring directly from your personal Control Panel

Android tracker in detail

In order to gain a better understanding of Underspy, take look at some examples of features provided by this software:

View call logs

After you install the mobile tracker on an Android device, it allows you to view and monitor every incoming and outgoing call on your target device. Underspy provides you with the opportunity to see who your children or employees are talking to, as well as the caller’s name and contacts, date, time and length of the conversation you can also block unwanted calls by adding a phone number to blacklist.

Monitor text messages

If you want to make sure about the safety of your children and your business, you can install Underspy for Android devices to view and monitor their text messages. All you need to do is to install Underspy on your target device.

Track GPS location

The GPS tracker feature of Underspy is extremely useful if you want to be aware of the whereabouts of your child or your employee. This feature is also very useful in case your device gets stolen or lost. You can use geo-fencing feature to define zones on a map and get notified when your child your employee gets in or out of the specified zone.

Monitor instant messages

Use Underspy to track instant messengers and find out what your children and employees are talking about. Underspy allows you to view and access all the sent and received messages on social networking apps and in this way, you will be able to have full control over your children's communications. Accessing information on instant messengers is no longer impossible. Note that instant messengers are accessible if your target Android device is rooted.

View web browsing history

This feature allows you to view all web history on your target device and check bookmarks to see which websites have been visited more frequently. You can also block some unwanted websites so that these websites won't be accessible on the target Android device. You can do all this remotely and easily from your personal Control Panel.

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